Baby Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremony

Why have a Baby Naming Ceremony?

It may be that you do not belong to a Church or faith group and therefore do not wish to have your child baptised. But your child is a new and precious person and you will want to celebrate their arrival into your family with a ceremony that will mark their individuality and identity.

What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

A Baby Naming Ceremony is individually prepared to meet the needs of each family. I will spend time with you beforehand discussing exactly how you would like to welcome your child. You may wish to invite certain people to support you in the upbringing of your child – grandparents or friends who will be supporting adults – and they might like to make promises to the child. You may have other children who would like to take part in the ceremony by reading, singing or playing music. Maybe you would like to give your child a special gift as part of the ceremony. Together we will work out whether you would like to include any music, readings, poetry, a hymn or prayers.

I am happy to discuss any possible addition to your baby naming ceremony, so please let me know if you have any particular ideas or wishes.

The naming ceremony is a celebration of a new life and can be a very meaningful way of involving family and friends in welcoming your child into the world in which they will live and grow.

If you are considering a baby naming ceremony and would like to talk to me about your options, please Contact me.