Civil Funerals

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What is a civil funeral?

It is now recognized by Funeral Directors, Crematoriums and Cemeteries that many families today want an alternative to a religious or totally non-religious funeral ceremony. As an Independent Funeral Celebrant (or civil minister) I am therefore able to offer you a civil funeral ceremony personally tailor made to your requirements, for the celebration of the life of your loved one.

I understand the sense of loss and great sadness that we face when we lose a loved one. From the first moment of contact I will be with you every step of the way so that I can:

Can I arrange a Civil Funeral before my death?

Yes this is possible - I will make arrangements to meet you to discuss the options and prepare a ceremony to meet your requirements.

Where Can The Ceremony Be Held?

The ceremony can be held virtually anywhere, except for churches or religious burial grounds. The most usual place is a crematorium, cemetery or woodland burial site, but I am happy to discuss other possible venues with you.

Memorial Services

Sometimes, it is not always possible for everyone to attend the funeral ceremony of a loved one. It may be that you just want a quiet personal ceremony, but feel that a few weeks later, you would like to hold a memorial service for the one you have lost. Perhaps this later date would be more convenient for everyone to attend, enabling a wider circle of friends, family and colleagues to become more involved. It would also give them the opportunity to express their feelings for the deceased in their own words by personal tributes. I can help you organise and create the memorial and lead the ceremony so that it will be a lasting reminder and celebration of the life of the deceased.

You can hold the memorial ceremony at a venue of your choice, either at home, a hotel, function hall or any other premises that you feel would be suitable for the ceremony.

Scattering of Ashes

After the funeral, to say the final farewell for your loved one, I can conduct a personalised short formal ceremony for the scattering or interment of ashes. This can be at a venue of your choice, examples being crematoriums, woodland sites, gardens, in a boat on a river or even at sea. (Some sites may be subject to approval).

The Funeral Director will more often than not add my charge to their account, making the whole process easier and less worrying for you, as everything is paid for together.

To arrange a civil funeral, memorial service or scattering of ashes ceremony please contact me or ask your funeral director to Contact me.

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